Lindsey Elizabeth

My "minor" journey thru Public Relations..

About Me August 30, 2010

Hello blog world!

I’m Lindsey and am currently a senior (finally!) at Georgia Southern University. I am majoring in Broadcasting with an Information emphasis and minoring in Public Relations. I have a love for entertainment news and event planning. With my senior year up and running I’m hoping to find a job (or internship) in one of those fields for post-grad.

I am a Facility Supervisor at GSU’s Recreation Activity Center (RAC/the gym). It has been the best job a college student could ask for. Working in a student oriented facility allows me to work around my class schedule, meet wonderful friends & it has given me experience I can use after graduation.

Fashion and design is my passion after entertainment and events. I can’t wait to have my own place one day to decorate in “shabby chic” style. I’m highly organized and have my entire wardrobe color coordinated. I have a new obsession with cupcakes (much like the rest of the world) and my roommates enjoy my urges to bake when I get bored.

Enjoy my “minor” journey thru Public Relations!


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