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Final Assignment/TOW #15: Social Media News Releases November 30, 2010

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The new developments of Social Media News Releases were designed for the online world. Also known as “smart media releases,” SMNRs allow expansion of the typical news release with photos, graphics, audio and video embedded into the format. Social Media News Releases aren’t just written for the press; they are written for journalists, publishers, bloggers and the public.

According to, a Social Media News Release is “designed with the community nature of the online world in mind so it can be shared and commented on in social bookmarking, microblogging and social networking communities.”

The Karcher Group describes Social Media News Releases as an attempt “to neatly package your message into pieces of information that can be quickly disseminated on the Web, including video, photos, audio files, bulleted lists, quotes, resources, links, and more.  This allows users, whether they be journalists or bloggers, to reassemble or disassemble the information however they want and share it on the web.”

The biggest advantage of SMNRs is that releases are made to be more “reader-friendly” and useful by linking multimedia and social media capabilities of the Web to the typical News Release. The entire story is told through multimedia while allowing optimized search, conversation and sharing (found at Social Media Training).

Not many disadvantages have been found in the evolution of Social Media News Releases. The biggest set-back would be reaching computer-illiterate audiences.

Public Relations practitioners should consider using SMNRs when they want to create greater creativity in their storytelling and get information across in a short amount of time. suggests that Social Media News Releases “can assist in achieving around double the editorial coverage and up to four times as much on blogs.” offers an overview of Social Media News Releases:

When creating a Social Media News Release, the following sites offer useful templates and information:

Here are some key tips to consider when creating a Social Media News Release:

  1. Use SMNRs as one big extension to the Web– promoting voices and content in a way that focuses on people
  2. Connect content across social networks– allows easy sharing amongst audiences
  3. Use emmbedable video, audio and images– provide the audience with visuals and expand creativity
  4. Allow area for comments and feedback– promote conversations and allow for a two-way street between client and audience
  5. Provide relevant links– allows for further expansion on the subject and reinforces the intended message
  6. Write to spark conversation– make it social, it is a Social Media News Release
  7. Make sure the SMNR can be found through search engines– help the audience “get it”
  8. Know what you want to say, why it matters and to whom- the basics of a typical News Release are still applied to Social Media News Releases

(found at provides examples of real life Social Media News Releases they have created:

Each of these samples show true characteristics of Social Media News Releases by providing content such as images, bookmarking, related links, video, comments and relevant coverage. The SMNR is interactive and allows the audience to engage in the content of the message.

As stated by Manny Ruiz of Hispanic PR Wire, “The press release is dead. In its place is a dynamic service that is more of an interactive marketing tool, more relevant and compelling for journalists; the difference is it’s not only for journalists.” (found in the text Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques)


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