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Ch. 9: Writing for Radio and Television November 20, 2010

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In this chapter of Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, writing for the ear, adding audio and visual elements to a script and reaching a global audience are explained in terms of the Public Relations writer.

Tips for Successful Radio and Television Stories by Jack Trammell:

  • Topicality– News is about providing information on topics that matter to the majority of the audience, so offer information on a “hot topic.”
  • Timeliness– Stories should be based on seasons, new laws, social trends and government. Never write for “yesterday.” Always write for “now”, “today” and “tomorrow.”
  • Localization– Always look for a “local angle” to nationalized news.
  • Humanization– Show people and how they are involved because, people relate to people.
  • Visual Appeal– Visuals can illustrate and explain a story better than words.

Public Service Announcements are defined as unpaid announcements that promote programs of nonprofit or government agencies or that serve the common public interest. Here is a recent PSA created by the AdCouncil:

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