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Ch. 8: Selecting Publicity Photos and Graphics November 20, 2010

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Photos and graphics often explain things better than words alone; they add interest and variety.

Photo of Dancing With the Stars Champion, Jennifer Grey. Taken by Adam Larkey, USA Today.

Components of a Good Photo:

  • Technical Quality– Editors look for good contrast and detail in photos in order for the photo to reproduce well on all types of print sources.
  • Subject Matter– Photos can be used to focus on a subject (such as a product or employee) or can be used to show events and action.
  • Composition– Keep photos simple and uncluttered by taking tight shots with minimal background.
  • Action– Action provides something more interesting and allows movement to be shown in the photo.
  • Scale– Pictures should hold some element that is known to size so viewers know how large or small the subject is.
  • Camera Angle– Like actions, camera angles can add interest to a photo.
  • Lighting and Timing– Lighting can highlight the key subject of a photo to make sure it stands out.
  • Color– Color photos are standard over black and white photos in the industry today.

Remember, photographs and graphics can add appeal to news releases and features. They will increase media coverage and bring more interest to the audience.

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