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Ch. 14: Writing E-mail, Memos, and Proposals November 20, 2010

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Public Relations writers communicate on a more personal level and spend a large part of their day taking part in interpersonal communication. When sending emails, memos and proposals, a large amount of organization and communication skills are required. Five basic guidelines should be followed in public relations writing:

  1. Completeness- Be sure that the writing contains the information needed to serve its purpose. Use an outline to make sure it is on target and complete.
  2. Conciseness- Be as brief as possible because less is better.
  3. Correctness- Be accurate in everything your write and you will receive credit for being a professional.
  4. Courtesy- Be polite and personal, but not overly familiar.
  5. Responsibility- Be sure you are following the organization’s policies and procedures. Think how the communication will be perceived.

Mind Your E-mail Manners:

  1. Avoid the “Reply to All” button
  2. Give your response first
  3. Keep forwards to a minimum
  4. Skip the CAPITAL letters
  5. Save the fancy stationary
  6. Avoid HTML format
  7. Count to 10 before hitting the Send button
  8. Fill out the subject line
  9. Keep the 500KB image file to yourself
  10. Don’t be a cyber-coward

Remember, although e-mail is fast and cost-efficient, however it is not a substitute for one-on-one communication.

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