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Ch. 12: Tapping the Web and New Media November 20, 2010

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The growth of the Internet and World Wide Web is continuing at a fast pace, therefore changing the way public relations writers present their media. The new media is characterized by:

  1. new distribution channels
  2. widespread broadband
  3. mobile devices
  4. cheap/free online publishing tools
  5. new advertising programs

When writing for the Web, the following guidelines are suggested:

  • Define the site’s objective
  • Design the site with the audience in mind
  • Redesign material with strong graphic components
  • Update the site constantly
  • Don’t overdo graphics
  • Make the site interactive
  • Utilize feedback

With the Internet and World Wide Web, Social Media has been introduced. According to Paul Rand of Ketchum, Social Media is “one of the most dramatic, if not revolutions, in history.” Social Media includes: blogs, social networks, podcasts, wikis and virtual reality sites.

One extremely popular form of media is YouTube. While videos can be posted by individuals, many organizations are posting online videos as part of their marketing and public relations campaigns. Videos on YouTube can increase awareness of a product and brand. One set of videos that I will always remember are the “Pay it Forward” videos by Liberty Mutual:

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