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TOW #7: One Week of Twitter October 19, 2010

Filed under: PRCA 3330,Topic of the Week — Lindsey Bowers @ 11:00 pm

I was first introduced to Twitter by my Intro. to Public Relations Professor Barbara Nixon.. or as she’s known on Twitter @BarbaraNixon. After I completed that course a few semesters ago, I continued to use Twitter on my own. Therefore, participating in “One Week of Twitter” didn’t hold any surprises for me. I use Twitter as a personal and professional outlet. I follow many PR Professionals who I constantly find myself learning from and follow many who provide jobs and intern connections. My favorite being @InternQueen. She posts many internships for college students like myself that tend to fall in the communications/public relations field. Along with intern opportunities, she provides great tips for college students as well to help them enter the “real world.” Not only is Twitter a great place to connect with professionals, but students as well. I follow many public relations and broadcasting students who I feel I can ask questions and get feedback from a college student standpoint. We’re all in the same boat and can often lend advice “professionals” cannot. On a personal standpoint, I often “tweet” with my roommate and friends and follow celebrities. My roommate @heatherr89 will send me funny pictures of things she sees on campus or tweet me about going to dinner after class. It’s a fun way to communicate via internet. As far as celebrities, it’s fascinating to be able to feel as if you are a part of their day to day life. They are letting their fans get a glimpse of what they think and feel. I enjoy that you can only use 140 characters because it makes posts to the point. You can get the general idea of someone’s tweet without having to read paragraph after paragraph. I believe Twitter is becoming a huge sensation amongst businesses, celebrities, professionals and everyday individuals and I’ve enjoyed tagging along for the ride.




2 Responses to “TOW #7: One Week of Twitter”

  1. skglover Says:

    I love that you mentioned internship opportunities being on twitter! I see them on there all of the time! I didn’t follow @InternQueen before, but you better believe I will now! I also had to use twitter for my Intro class, but it was with Groover instead of Nixon. This “week of twitter” was a lot more laid back and had less guide lines which was nice for me. You bring up a good point about being able to ask other students questions via twitter… Sometimes another student can provide insight that a teacher can (or won’t) give. It is crazy how much can come from those 140 characters!

  2. dwayne03 Says:

    I believe I have commented on everyone’s post about Twitter. I love it. It is great for networking and meeting new people. I use it to communicate with friends that are at another school and see how they are doing. It is also every entertaining if you follow the right people

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