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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! October 19, 2010

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The month of October seems like a blur of pink everywhere for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink shirts, pink ribbons, pink balloons, and even I have pink hair! As an employee of the RAC and a granddaughter of a survivor and friend of an angel, I was SO excited to learn what Campus Recreation and Intramural was doing to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. CRI teamed up with Zeta Tau Alpha and hosted an event set-up by Shape Magazine.. It was called “Pilates for Pink.” Students were encouraged to attend Group Fitness classes such as “Booty Beat to Beat Breast Cancer” and “Spin for Second Base.” Along with their attendance to show their support for beating Breast Cancer, the suggested donation was $5 with all proceeds going to Susan G. Komen Foundation. This was a great example of PR at it’s finest. I’ve been quite proud to wear my pink ribbon on my name tag at work everyday.

Pilates for Pink

As far as my pink hair goes.. A group of my girlfriends and I went to Color Boxx Hair Salon in Savannah, Georgia to do our part in supporting the fight against Breast Cancer. They were selling hot pink hair extensions for $25 with all proceeds going to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. My four friends and I have been wearing our pink hair proudly and when someone notices, I direct them to Color Boxx Hair Salon and tell them to join the cause. It’s great publicity for Susan G. Komen and Color Boxx.

Pink Hair Extension by Color Boxx Hair Salon



4 Responses to “October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!”

  1. snarwold Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! I think that the sorority Zeta Tau Alpha and Campus Recreation and Intramurals did a great job in making this event known. Every year I love to support any cause that supports breast cancer because it affects so many women around the world. It is so important for women even our age to go ahead and get a mamogram done every year in order to protect yourself from this tragic disease. My friend’s and I talked about going to get a strand of our hair died pink in order to support Breast Cancer Awarness month, but I was the chicken who thought that dying my hair pink was too risky for my blood. So instead, I decided to support the cause in other ways. Such as buying yogurt with the pink tops that go to the breast cancer awareness month. I cannot wait for the day that they find a cure for all cancers!!!

  2. agreen134 Says:


    I think it is amazing that you got so involved last month with Breast Cancer Awareness. My mother is in remission now for over a year and I think it is great to hear other people my age out supporting the cause. I sadly was not able to attend the events at the RAC, did you hear if it was successful or not? I hope so because I think it was a great idea that CRI and ZTA came up with. I wish I would have seen your post before because I would have loved to gone out and put pink hair extensions in with some of my friends in support of my mother and other survivors.

  3. alliearonson Says:

    I am very envious of your passion for breast cancer awareness. It is so important for our world to have people like you take a stand and cause a difference in our troublesome world today. Breast Cancer is terrible and i know that every small donation counts to help funding prevention! My ex-boyfriend’s mother is a cancer survivor and her story inspired me to be more aware and get regular mammograms. I was at the RAC during the pilates class and it was amazing to see how many girls came out to give their support! I would have joined if there was enough room. Kudos to ZTA and CRI for their efforts to help the fight!

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