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Ch. 4: Finding and Making News October 19, 2010

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Publicist: a public relations writer who writes and places stories in the media

Publicity: the resulting coverage

What Makes News?

  • Timeliness- news must be current
  • Prominence- is a prominent person with “star power” involved?
  • Proximity- local angles
  • Significance- can it affect a substantial number of people?
  • Unusualness- out of the ordinary
  • Human Interest- people like reading about other people
  • Conflict- reporters often fuel controversy
  • Newness- constantly search for something new

Tactics for Generating News:

  • contests
  • polls
  • stunts
  • top 10 lists
  • awards
  • special appearances
  • special events
  • product demonstrations
  • rallies

The key step in preparing publicity is becoming familiar as possible with the company or organization.

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