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Ch. 3: Avoiding Legal Hassles October 19, 2010

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Chapter 3 focuses on the terms libel and slander. Along with a more common term used today, defamation.

  • Libel- a printed falsehood
  • Slander- involves an oral communication
  • Defamation- a collective term for the two

According to the text four points can be proved by the injured party on accounts of defamation damages:

  1. the statement was published by print or broadcast to others
  2. the plaintiff was identifiable
  3. there was actual injury (monetary losses, impairment of reputation, humiliation or mental anguish and suffering)
  4. the publisher was malicious or negligent

Regulatory Agencies that Public Relations writers should be aware of:

  • The Federal Trade Commission
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission

A “cooperative” relationship is needed between the legal counsel and public relations writers. It is key in helping both groups reach a common goal.

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