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Ch. 2: Becoming a Persuasive Writer August 31, 2010

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In Chapter 2, the key concept is that “messages are designed to change attitudes and opinions, reinforce existing predispositions, and influence people to buy a product, use a service, or support a worthy cause” (Wilcox, p.35).

The Four Elements of the Process of Communication:

  • a sender
  • a message
  • a channel
  • a receiver

Abraham H. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:

  • Physiological needs- the minimum necessities of life
  • Safety needs- protection against danger, loss and restriction
  • Social needs- acceptance, belonging, friendship
  • Ego needs- self-esteem, self-confidence, appreciation and respect
  • Self-actualization needs- the need to grow to one’s full stature

Branding: A symbol that immediately means reliability and quality to a consumer.

  • Can you recall what each symbol represents?

Persuasion should be based on “truthful information and the presentation of ideas in the marketplace of public discussion” (Wilcox, p.59).

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5 Responses to “Ch. 2: Becoming a Persuasive Writer”

  1. aw02628 Says:

    Lindsey, I absolutely love the pictures that you used in your Reading Notes post. It not only adds some extra length to your post and interest, but it also helps the reader actually remember what your post is about. I am definitely a visual person, so to see the chapter broken down into pictures is a lot more helpful than what I have simply been doing, writing paragraphs about it. Not only are the pictures a fantastic idea, but the pictures you chose were ideal. Great job! I may have to start using some pictures in my reading notes as well!

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  3. I really enjoyed the brand examples in this blog. Putting examples on your entry really made me realize how effective brands truly are. Just by seeing these symbols people can associate it with a company. Brands help companies advertise by putting their symbols on items that people wear or carry around. Also, companies can put these brands just about anywhere on signs and people will instantly know what company to associate them with. Thanks for putting these examples up. It will help people understand the importance of brands especially in the Public Relations field.

  4. caitbaileyy Says:

    I don’t think it can be stressed enough how important communication is, expecially in PR. Without proper communication any PR campaign would ultimately be a failure. This is why it is so essential for us as PR students to learn how to communicate effectively. I like how you included examples of recognizable brand logos in your post, it is so crazy how many people know exactly what you’re talking about just by seeing an image!

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