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Ch. 1: Getting Organized for Writing August 31, 2010

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Throughout the semester I will be posting the key ideas from each chapter of Dennis L. Wilcox’s Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques. Here’s a look at Chapter One!

  • Public Relations is composed of four key components: research, planning, communication & evaluation
  • The Public Relations Writer vs. The Journalist
    • The PR writer differs in objectives, audiences & channels
      • The PR writer is usually employed by an organization who wishes to communicate with audiences through the news media or other forms of communication
      • The PR writer may write for multiple and contrasting audiences-teenagers, seniors, travelers, investors, farmers, community leaders, etc.
      • The PR write must determine the message and chose the most effective channel of communication
  • Ask yourself the six key questions created by PR counselors Kerry Tucker and Doris Derelian before beginning a writing assignment:
    1. What is the desired communication outcome?
    2. Who is our target audience?
    3. What is our audience’s needs, concerns and interests?
    4. What is our message?
    5. What communication channel is most effective?
    6. Who is our most believable spokesperson?
  • The most widely used stylebook is the Associated Press Stylebook

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2 Responses to “Ch. 1: Getting Organized for Writing”

  1. Brianna W Says:

    I think you did a great job with the reading notes. Usually mine follow a few different lists of bullet points. You set up Chp. 2 reading notes more like a lesson plan. I sometimes use random pictures of words I want to illustrate. But you used the pictures as more of a teaching tool. I am going to try and use your technique the next time I do a reading notes post.

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