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TOW #1: Social Media August 30, 2010

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In the ever changing world of the PR, I have found social media sites to rise in popularity. I currently participate in three forms of social media:

When I first started using Facebook, it was merely for social purposes… I would post pictures, plan a girls night out or keep in touch with friends that I didn’t see on a day-to-day basis. However, Facebook has improved since I first created my account 4 years ago. Now I can get updates from my favorite artists, stores, on campus clubs and companies. My hair salon posts coupons and my favorite boutique posts pictures of new inventory. I have attended many events that I wouldn’t have known about if it weren’t for the company’s Facebook page. Although at times I find it eerie that my mom and her friends are now communicating via Facebook, I still enjoy the many different connections that can be made.

Twitter is a social media site that was introduced to me by my Intro to Public Relations professor, Barbara Nixon little over a year ago. When I first started using Twitter, I used it on a need-to basis for class, because my friends hadn’t jumped on the Twitter bandwagon yet. Now that Twitter’s popularity has grown as much, if not more than Facebook’s.. I find myself logging in daily. I follow PR professionals, friends, news sources, celebrities and my favorite companies. Celebrities let you into their private lives, companies promote their products (often times with sales & coupons) and news sources post breaking stories and updates as the stories evolve. I enjoy the simple, yet mass media oriented way that anyone can share information.

Blogging is my least-frequented form of social media. Just like Twitter, my Intro to PR professor used blogging as a part of her class. Now that I am in her Public Relations Writing class, I am continuing my journey with WordPress. I mainly use my blog for class purposes (which is exactly the reason for this post). However, I enjoy reading others blogs, whether it be Lollipop Events & Designs or Ragan’s PR Daily. Who knows.. Maybe after another semester with Professor Nixon I’ll become an avid blogger.


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