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I Love The “Lolli-Ladies” August 30, 2010

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After finding Lollipop Events & Designs on Twitter, I couldn’t help but constantly visiting their “lolliblog.” Lollipop Events & Designs was created by three young women who share a love for style and design. As a PR student interested in Event Planning, I find their posts to be helpful in showcasing their creativity in planning weddings, charity events, celebrity events and more.

One of my favorite events they planned was a benefit for Susan G. Komen For The Cure. In their blog, the “lolli-ladies” gave details of their inspiration and posted pictures of the final product.

Lollipop Events & Design is an icon for PR students interested in the event planning industry. They are chic and innovative in everything they create. Through their blog, they give an inside look to their company and further market themselves for future clients.


11 Responses to “I Love The “Lolli-Ladies””

  1. Stef Mardar Says:

    Lindsey thank you so much for posting about the “lolli-ladies”, although I’m not a PR major I do want to be an event planner one day. I fully plan on reading their blog and following them on twitter!

  2. agreen134 Says:


    I am so glad you posted this blog. It is funny just yesterday one of my friends introduced me to the lollipop girls and I have been following them on twitter and reading up on their blog ever since. I too am studying PR to hopefully one day go into event planning. After reading up on their blog they have truly inspired me to start my own event planning company. They have great ideas and have done so many wonderful things for the community. It is amazing how a small little company can expand so quickly with just a little dedication and determination.

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  4. melmomorris Says:

    How Cute! Where are they based out of? I also would love to help with event planning after school. I am working right now with a local event space called The Belle House. My friend’s parents built it to rent out for special events around town. So I am helping her out with that. All though we don’t really do any of the actual event planning, we just rent it out and people normally have thier own planners. I am hoping maybe after getting a year under our belt and after I graduate then I can offer it as a service added on to the rental of the space. I think the only event I would never want to plan was someone else’s wedding! WAY to stressful. I’m planning my own right now and almost can’t handle it! I can’t imagine the responsibilty of being in charge of someone else’s! Wow!

  5. dwayne03 Says:

    I would love to learn more about this design and will read their blog in the future.

  6. Thank you so much for this post. I love the connection to the Susan G. Komen For the Cure site. That site is amazing. It is filled with so much good information from “Understanding Breast Cancer” to “Research,” how to get involved, and almost a full page of alternative therapies with tons of information about each one. I was absolutely blown away by the site and the information contained therein.

    I have a special interest in cancer research and what is being done to “find the cure.” This is a site where I will have to spend a lot more time and energy. Thank you.

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  8. amberlaurin Says:

    After reading this post I checked out the “lolliblog” for myself and fell in love! I enjoy learning and reading about companies who are led solely by women. That is one of the main reasons I chose Public Relations as my major! Although I am undecided as to what type of PR I want to do after graduation, I think it would be so much fun to start a PR firm of my own one day with my best friends! Thank you for sharing this!

    -Amber Laurin

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  10. jraybon6 Says:

    the designs seem to be really neat and the vibe from their blog is very welcoming….would love to know more

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